Financial accounting and reporting are a vital part of the excellent service package that PASCO offers. We have dedicated professionals to assure that every client can define and achieve their goals through sound financial decisions. Among the services we provide are:

  • Assist the Board of Directors in preparing the operating budget for the Association's accounting period
  • Assist the Board of Directors in preparing a "Long Range" Capital Improvement/Replacement Plan for the community to use as a basis for replacement reserve funding
fees & assessments
  • Order assessment coupon books
  • Record all receipts in the Association's books
  • Deposit all funds to the appropriate Association accounts
    • Special trust operating accounts
    • Reserve savings accounts
    • Special function accounts (if any)
  • Take action on all delinquent accounts
    • Send delinquency notices
    • Assist Association attorney in filing liens
    • Assist Association attorney in foreclosure (if necessary)
  • Establish authorized spending limits
  • Prepare and remit funds from operating accounts
  • Prepare and remit funds from reserve accounts when applicable
distributing monthly
financial statements
  • Prepare income/expense operating statement
  • Prepare income/expense replacement reserve statement
  • Prepare a balance sheet for the current period
  • Prepare a delinquency and prepaid status report


  • Prepare short-term operating budget (per association's account period), long-term Capital Improvement Plan
  • Record all receipts
  • Deposit funds to appropriate Association accounts
  • Take action on delinquent accounts
  • Disburse funds on a timely basis for all Association bills
  • Distribute monthly financial statements to the Board of Directors

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